Squid Prawn Cake New
Scrumptious little cakes of joy with an authentic oriental taste! Easy to prepare and highly addicti..
Ex Tax: SGD12.00
Our Signature Black Char-Siew(400g) comprises of a glistening and perfectly caramelized char-siew, t..
Ex Tax: SGD20.00
Breaded Pork Tonkatsu, also known as Japanese style fried pork is a favourite amongst all ages! Extr..
Ex Tax: SGD10.00
250G / 1 Piece(Frozen) Our popular Unagi Kabayaki is well-marinated and can be easily prepared. It i..
Ex Tax: SGD14.90
Golden Custard Bun New
12 Pieces/Packet. With the heart of molten goodness, golden custard bun is one of the favourite Cant..
Ex Tax: SGD16.50
Swiss Rösti is essentially Switzerland's version of a crispy potato pancake. Serve it topped with sm..
Ex Tax: SGD6.90
Extremely crispy and tasty Curly Fries flown in from USA. Pair it with a sauce or a bottle of beer a..
Ex Tax: SGD7.90
2KG (Before Cooking). These fresh and juicy chicken breasts are perfect for your everyday meal. Be i..
Ex Tax: SGD9.90
500G (Before Cooking). Lamb rack chop freshly flown in from Australia/New Zealand. Perfect for both ..
Ex Tax: SGD16.80
200G-250G (Before Cooking). Premium angus beef ribeye freshly flown in from Australia. It can be eas..
Ex Tax: SGD12.80
Pork Spare Ribs( 3" ) freshly flown in from Brazil. Perfect for cooking Bak Kut Teh. ..
Ex Tax: SGD7.80
Iberico pork belly without skin(2.5mm) freshly flown in from Spain. Perfect for steamboat shabu shab..
Ex Tax: SGD25.00