About Us

About Us

As of today, we provide convenient BBQ services for you right at your doorstep at an extremely affordable price, anywhere and anytime. As a primary wholesaler of frozen food, our main objective is to bring in special and delicious food at an affordable price. We also customise our products based on the current trends to suit our customers' taste buds.

How It All Started

A group of chefs and food critics gathered in March 2013 over a Barbecue event. Unexpectedly in their conversation, all of them agreed that the current Singapore barbecue catering services can be improved if the caterers had more expertise in food marinating and quality control. They also believed that through food innovation, barbecue events can be raised to a whole new level of excitement.

Guaranteed Food Quality

With the support of Tradewinds Food Industries Pte Ltd, BBQ Chef is able to maintain the highest quality in our food using top-notch facilities and equipment in the factory. Ultimately, we want our customers to be able to savour the goodness in our food. Our chefs would also be happy to provide onsite barbecuing services, catering for corporate and domestic events upon request. 

Value For Money

Our day to day task includes searching for new barbecue food possibilities from all over the world so that our customers benefit from the best value for money products. Exotic food products are fairly priced and it is a promise that we will keep!

Guaranteed Happiness

With our main aim being to bring barbecue experience to the next level, we aim to achieve this objective through every single manner. We guarantee that our products meet your expectations while abiding by the highest code of conduct for food safety and ethics. Proper management of food from the handling to the consumption will be enforced with the sole purpose of making our customers return in their subsequent visit with a smile on their faces.


All our chefs have multiple years of experience in the culinary and food manufacturing industry and thus we will be able to fulfil your every need! Be it small house parties or large corporate events, you can rest assured that we will provide the most premium service and food selection right at your doorstep. 

We are your one-stop premium barbecue provider as we offer you everything that you need for a barbecue; ranging from charcoal, tongs and wire mesh to satay, chicken wings and ready-cooked food. We are here to re-define convenience in the barbecue industry!