Chef's Specials

Chef's Specials
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Black Char-Siew ( Restaurant Standard )

Our Signature Black Char-Siew(400g) comprises of a glistening and perfectly caramelized char-siew, t..

SGD16.90 Ex Tax: SGD16.90

Bundle Deal of 3 Ang Ku Kueh/ 160G X 3 Pkts

Traditional Ang Ku Kuehs with a bite-sized delivery! No artificial coloring and preservatives, made ..

SGD8.85 Ex Tax: SGD8.85

Charcoal Skin Musang King Mooncake

Made from pure Musang King Paste from Old Tree Durian in Raub, Malaysia. Each mooncake is covered wi..

SGD98.80 Ex Tax: SGD98.80

Eight Treasure Duck In Lotus Leaf (Retort) 荷叶八宝鸭

Eight Treasure Duck In Lotus Leaf (Retort) 1.2KGSteamed Duck stuffed with Eight Treasures in Lo..

SGD48.00 Ex Tax: SGD48.00

Golden Custard Bun

12 Pieces/Packet. With the heart of molten goodness, golden custard bun is one of the favourite Cant..

SGD16.50 Ex Tax: SGD16.50

Handmade Char Siew Bun

6 Pieces/Packet. Most famous classic Cantonese Char Siew Bun. It is handmade according to restaurant..

SGD8.00 Ex Tax: SGD8.00

Handmade Glutinous Rice

6 Pieces.Most famous classic Cantonese Glutinous Rice. Handmade with love according to restaurant st..

SGD13.20 Ex Tax: SGD13.20

Handmade Prawn Siew Mai / 10 pcs / Frozen New

Handmade Prawn Siew Mai / 10 pcs / Frozen

10 pcs. All you need is a plate of happiness Siew Mai that is homemade according to restaurant stand..

SGD9.00 Ex Tax: SGD9.00

Handmade steamed pork ribs

400G. Homemade with love steam dim sum pork ribs according to restaurant standards. One plate is nev..

SGD9.00 Ex Tax: SGD9.00

Hungry Ghost Festival 3 Joint Bundle Package

1. Roasted Sesame Chicken 1.7kg2. Roasted Dang Gui Duck 2.7kg3. Roasted Pork Belly 500g..

SGD68.00 Ex Tax: SGD68.00

Hungry Ghost Festival 5 Joint Bundle Package

1. Roasted Dang Gui Duck  2.7kg2. Roasted Chicken  1.7kg3. Fried Fish 800-1kg4. Crab 700g5..

SGD138.00 Ex Tax: SGD138.00

Lecheon Liempo

1KG. Have a feast on this Lechon Liempo with skin so crispy and meat so tender and juicy. ..

SGD38.00 Ex Tax: SGD38.00