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Breaded Shrimp Large (10 pieces) 日本面包虾

Breaded Shrimp Large (10 pieces) 日本面包虾..

SGD13.80 Ex Tax: SGD13.80

Flower Crab In Foil (6 pieces) 花蟹

Flower crab is smooth, delicate and moist. The blue crustacean has a clean and sweet taste, making i..

SGD25.00 Ex Tax: SGD25.00

Lemon Butter Baked Salmon 250g (In the wrap)

 Salmon fillets, nestled on a bed of fennel, dotted with lemon and butter, baked in a pouch of ..

SGD25.00 Ex Tax: SGD25.00

Lobster in Mozzarella Cheese in Foil (2 pieces)

Pamper yourself with the best fresh lobster with Mozzarella cheese available for grilling. Enjoy t..

SGD80.00 Ex Tax: SGD80.00

Mozzarella Cheese Half Shell Scallop (20pcs) 乳酪半壳贝

Cheese melts onto the scallop during the barbecue. A BBQ chef recommendation...

SGD30.00 Ex Tax: SGD30.00

Premium Scallop in Banana Leave (10 pieces)

Raw scallops wrapped in Banana leaves give a nice hint of flavour to the scallop while keeping the ..

SGD25.00 Ex Tax: SGD25.00

Rosemary Baked Salmon 250g (In the wrap)

This healthy, flavorful and simple salmon (In the wrap) is one of our year-round favourites...

SGD25.00 Ex Tax: SGD25.00

Sambal Prawn In Foil (10 pkt)

Sambal Prawn is marinated with the spicy sambal sauce. Our Prawns are picked from the freshest praw..

SGD20.00 Ex Tax: SGD20.00

Sambal Sotong Ring in Foil (10 pkt)

Traditional sambal sotong is a must eat for any Barbecue event..

SGD20.00 Ex Tax: SGD20.00