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Powdered Squid Legs

500G. The most classic to cook squid tentacles is to deep fry them and give them a crispier , more f..

SGD15.00 Ex Tax: SGD15.00

Atsuyaki (Egg Omelet)

500G. Atsuyaki Tomago is a thick grill egg and is such an integral part of japanese food! It is..

SGD10.00 Ex Tax: SGD10.00

Breaded Aji Fry/ 4PCs Frozen

4 PCs. Deep fry these fillets for a crunchy outside, while maintaining the moisture of the meat.&nbs..

SGD8.00 Ex Tax: SGD8.00

Breaded Shrimp Large (10 pieces) 日本面包虾

Breaded Shrimp Large (10 pieces) 日本面包虾..

SGD13.80 Ex Tax: SGD13.80

Buri Kama (Yellowtail Collar)/ 500g Frozen

The collar of the yellowtail is the fattiest and juiciest part of the fish. Rub the buri with course..

SGD28.00 Ex Tax: SGD28.00

Cheese Tobiko Roe

500G. Tobiko is the Japanese word for flying fish roe. Indulge in this tobiko roe drenched in cheese..

SGD25.00 Ex Tax: SGD25.00

Chuka Kurage

250G. This ready-to-eat jellyfish marinated can be served as an entree. It pairs well with a beer an..

SGD12.00 Ex Tax: SGD12.00

Cod Fish Fillet

2 Pieces / 300G. Our Cod Fillets have been hand cut so you get prime cod fillets with no tail, no fl..

SGD19.50 Ex Tax: SGD19.50

Crawfish (Multi-flavour)

900g (400g sauce) Thirteen spices. 十三香, like five spice, is a comprehensive seasoning powder. It is ..

SGD16.90 Ex Tax: SGD16.90

Fish Patty / 500g Frozen New

Fish Patty / 500g Frozen

Flaky, moist and juicy, these perfectly breaded fish patties will leave you craving for more. These ..

SGD0.00 Ex Tax: SGD0.00

Flower Crab In Foil (6 pieces) 花蟹

Flower crab is smooth, delicate and moist. The blue crustacean has a clean and sweet taste, making i..

SGD25.00 Ex Tax: SGD25.00

Frozen Baby Lobster

1kg. The perfect crawfish, sweet, juicy and tender at every bite. A perfect compliment to zi char di..

SGD20.00 Ex Tax: SGD20.00

Garlic Crawfish

900g (400g sauce) Cover each cooked crawfish with a generous amount of heavenly garlic sauce for a m..

SGD16.90 Ex Tax: SGD16.90