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Iberico Pork Belly Sliced 2mm/ 300G Frozen

300G. Iberico pork has an exceptional texture and flavour  due to its unique marbling. It offer..

SGD18.00 Ex Tax: SGD18.00

 Pull Pork New

Pull Pork

500G. Pull Pork is perfect for the slow cooker. It's easy to do and is the ultimate make-ahead meal...

SGD12.00 Ex Tax: SGD12.00

Black Pepper Pork Loin USA Kurobuta (200 grams / 2 pieces)

Kurobuta pork roasts are an easy way to turn a simple dinner into a special occasion. Marinate..

SGD35.00 Ex Tax: SGD35.00

Chestnut Duroc Premium Pork Chop New

Chestnut Duroc Premium Pork Chop

500g. Our breaded pork chop are perfectly crispy on the outside, while keeping the meat inside ..

SGD10.00 Ex Tax: SGD10.00

Chestnut Pork Belly Sliced 2mm/ 200G Frozen

200G. Chestnut-fed pork is one of the best choices of meat when having steamboat! It has a  ric..

SGD8.00 Ex Tax: SGD8.00

Chestnut Pork Collar Sliced 2mm/ 200G Frozen

200G. The intensely rich flavour comes from the chestnut diet of the hog and is a hot favourtie..

SGD8.00 Ex Tax: SGD8.00

Fresh Indonesia Pork Belly

500g. When cooked low and slow, its meat is tender and yields a flavourful broth, perfect for stews ..

SGD12.50 Ex Tax: SGD12.50

Fresh Indonesia Pork Chop

500G. Singapore's freshest pork chop that you will definitely enjoy it...

SGD11.00 Ex Tax: SGD11.00

Fresh Indonesia Pork Collar Minced

500G. Pork Collar is a tender cut of well marbled pork with amazing flavor. Perfect for a marin..

SGD9.00 Ex Tax: SGD9.00

Fresh Indonesia Pork Cube

500G. It is lean and flavourful and perfect for braised pork and stir-fry to make sweet and sour por..

SGD9.90 Ex Tax: SGD9.90

Fresh Indonesia Pork Fillet

450G. Food is for eating, good food is to be enjoyed. You will never get enough of this freshes..

SGD13.00 Ex Tax: SGD13.00

Fresh Indonesia Pork Hock Cut

1.3KG. When cooked low and slow, its meat is tender and yields a flavourful broth, perfect for ..

SGD12.00 Ex Tax: SGD12.00

Fresh Indonesia Pork Lean Hind

500G. Singapore freshest Pork Lean Hind. Best known for its non 'porky smell', smell and taste just ..

SGD7.80 Ex Tax: SGD7.80

Fresh Indonesia Pork Loin Boneless

500G. Pork loin is an ideal dinner choice, easy to make and requires just a few simple ingredients f..

SGD15.00 Ex Tax: SGD15.00