Finger Food

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Octopus Ball ( Takoyaki) (50pcs) 日本八爪鱼球

Octopus Ball ( Takoyaki) (50pcs)   日本八爪鱼球..

SGD18.00 Ex Tax: SGD18.00

Prawn Tempura Plating (20 pieces)

Japanese prawn tempura are good finger food and starters to the barbeque event...

SGD18.00 Ex Tax: SGD18.00

Seaweed Chicken (20 Pcs) 紫菜鸡

A combination of vegetables and seaweed nugget...

SGD12.00 Ex Tax: SGD12.00

Snow Crab Section M-Size (Russia) (300g) 日本雪白蟹脚

Snow Crab Section M-Size (Russia) (300g)   日本雪白蟹脚..

SGD30.00 Ex Tax: SGD30.00