Finger Food

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Ajisuke Inari/ 8 PCs Frozen

8 Pieces. Delicious inari fried tofu wrap made of sweet fried beancurd (tofu), mirin and soy sa..

SGD10.00 Ex Tax: SGD10.00

Funwari Age Tofu Nugget/ 15 PCs Frozen

15 Pieces. Similar to chicken nuggets, but they are actually made with tofu, fish paste, carrot..

SGD9.00 Ex Tax: SGD9.00

Cheese Seafood Tofu

500G / Pack. Cheese seafood tofu which is bursting with cheese and extremely delicious! It is easy t..

SGD6.00 Ex Tax: SGD6.00

Chicken Cocktail Sausage

250G / Pack. Chicken cocktail sausage which is easy to prepare and simply delicious. Perfect for ste..

SGD5.00 Ex Tax: SGD5.00

Chicken Nuggets

1KG. Yummy chicken nuggets suitable for all ages. It can be made into a snack easily by frying or si..

SGD7.80 Ex Tax: SGD7.80

Crab Sticks

250G / Pack. Crab sticks which are bursting with flavour and extremely delicious! Easy to prepare an..

SGD2.50 Ex Tax: SGD2.50

Curly Fries

1KG. Extremely crispy and tasty Curly Fries flown in from USA. Pair it with a sauce or a bottle of b..

SGD7.90 Ex Tax: SGD7.90

Edamame (Young Soybean) / 400g / Frozen New

Edamame (Young Soybean) / 400g / Frozen

400g. An excellent source of protein, fibre and antioxidants, these Edamame Beans are nutritious and..

SGD4.00 Ex Tax: SGD4.00

Fish Chips

500G. Fish chips which are crispy and extremely delicious! It is easy to prepare, simply fry it and ..

SGD5.00 Ex Tax: SGD5.00

Japanese Creamy Oyster Croquette / 20 pieces

20 pieces. Our oyster croquettes are bursting with cream when you sink your teeth into them! They ar..

SGD18.00 Ex Tax: SGD18.00

Japanese Gyoza

50pieces/pack. Juicy gyoza filled with shrimp fillings. Simply pan-fry or boil them in soup and they..

SGD18.00 Ex Tax: SGD18.00

Japanese Red Snow Crab Claw

Extremely crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, our Red Snow Crab Claw can be easily deep-f..

SGD15.00 Ex Tax: SGD15.00

Java Curry

1kg. A spicy curry that has deep and rich flavours of onions and fragant aroma of special species. D..

SGD20.00 Ex Tax: SGD20.00