1. Dang Gui Duck Porridge (With Leftover Dang Gui Bone)

    Dang Gui Duck Porridge (With Leftover Dang Gui Bone)

    Put the leftover duck bones along with 2 slices of ginger inside a big pot. Add about 4 cups of chicken stock and 4 cups of water (according to taste). Bring to a boil then lower the heat to keep it simmer for 30mins or till the stock has been reduced by at least 1/3, 1/2 at most. Once ready, drain the soup to another pot and discard the bones
  2. Shark's Fin Soup

    Shark's Fin Soup

    Shark's Fin Soup Open and thaw the shark's fin (1kg, from BBQChef). Next, soak the shark's fin for 30mins and steam for 30mins over low flame. In another pot, add in beauty chicken collagen stock or golden top soup (3L, available at BBQChef) and 3 small bowls of water and bring it to a boil. Add in the shark's fin, any seafood (available at
  3. Angus Beef Burger

    Angus Beef Burger

    Angus Beef Burger Thaw the Angus beef patty (available at BBQChef). In a preheated pan (Medium Flame), add in 2tsp of oil and after the oil is hot add 2-3tbsp of butter. After the butter has melted, season the beef patty with salt and pepper (to taste) and place it in the pan. Pan-fry the beef patty about 3-5 mins on each side (after flipping it,
  4. Grilled Boston Lobster

    Grilled Boston Lobster

    Grilled Boston Lobster Thaw the Boston lobster (available at BBQChef) and slice the Boston lobster lengthwise all the way through into two halves. Clean out the tomalley (green stuff) from the body. Brush the exposed meat with a mixture of melted butter (4tbsp), lemon juice (2tbsp), salt and pepper (to taste) and minced garlic (1tsp). Preheat the
  5. Oriental Beef Stew

    Oriental Beef Stew

    Ingredients: BBQChef Beef Cube (300g) AsianMeals Oriental Stir Fry Sauce (1 packet, available at BBQChef) 1 small carrot, cut into thick slices 1 tomato, cut into wedges 1 small potato, cut into cubes 1-inch ginger, cut into thin slices 1 medium onion, cut into ½ rings ½ cup of beef stock Methods: Preheat a heavy based saucepan on
  6. Abalone Chowder

    Abalone Chowder

      Abalone Chowder Put abalone (425g, from BBQChef) and salt (1 tsp) in a pot filled with water (4 cups). Simmer for about an hour for the abalone to be tender. Grind the abalone and put it back to the cooking water. Fry up some chopped onion (1 large) and place onions, cubed potatoes (4) and parsley (1 tbsp) to the water with ground abalone

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